Trend Report: Very Peri

Despite the continuing struggles created by the pandemic, 2021 represented an incredible year for designers. From the reemergence of Y2K trends to biophilic interiors taking the spotlight in many design considerations, there has been no shortage of inspiration and creativity despite a world at home.

Therefore, it comes as another exciting and welcomed surprise that Pantone recently named its 2022 colour of the year; ‘Very Peri.’ Accentuating blue hues and violet-red undertones, PANTONE 17-3938 sees the interplay between the placid and dynamic nature of modern day living. Continuing the brand’s desire to express and of course, illustrate the world’s current dual nature, Very Peri coalesces feelings of hope and comfort through unique styles of interior design and reimagined classics. According to the brand’s official release, the striking hue blends “the faithfulness and constancy of blue with the energy and excitement of red,” and is set to be everywhere in 2022 from social media to runways and red carpet events.

Generally, Pantone chooses their annual colour by capturing the global “zeitgeist”, a word that roughly means “spirit of the age”. This means that the colour should encapsulate a mood or worldview that is apt for the time of its conception. Understandably, last year’s brace of colours, Ultimate Grey (PANTONE 17-5104) and Illuminating (PANTONE 13-0647) captured feelings of melancholy alongside a bright and optimistic outlook for the future.


Interestingly, the Art Deco style of the 1920’s with their use of rich colours and strong streamlined fixtures go exceptionally well with the twin nature of PANTONE’s colour of the year. The use of defined geometric shapes and rectilinear forms give a clean and modern sleekness to living rooms and offices, while a couch with a curvilinear silhouette in Very Peri would create a desired accent. Moreover, the deep contrast between the bold geometric motifs and the softness of the curves and colour lends an air of stability.


Jointly so, Art Deco can also lean towards the use of striking colours paired with high-shine metals. Therefore, Silver and chrome accents come to mind when using Very Peri, creating a unique and luxurious look that highlights the warmth and energy that has been in short supply in recent times.


Whereas the above observations reflect the interrelatedness of distinct forms and colours, the introduction of biophilic elements like indoor plants and organic materials can also add a level of natural appeal that works well with Very Peri’s versatile colour. Lively greens like that of the Cunjevoi Lily create an exciting and distinct earthiness to design choices.

Being able to introduce colours and themes from the outdoors can give interior designs a fresh and living feel. Greens and browns work as excellent canvases; backdrops that allow Very Peri to take a commanding role as the centrepiece in a living room.



The use of more vibrant and joyful colours have also been a welcome trend in 2022. Personal spaces like bedrooms adorned with soft textured materials create an unrivalled sense of comfort that goes hand in hand with the blue hues of Very Peri without undercutting its more energetic and dynamic red undertones. Bold colour combinations with greens, yellows, and blues allow for a wide array of design choices that can exemplify comfort and safety.


The versatility of Very Peri gives an air of openness to interior design, something welcomed when considering the restrictions that have become commonplace. The colour lets us more deeply explore established styles while also encouraging the expression of more personal tastes.