Trend Report: Green Kitchens For A Lively, Sophisticated Home

Create the perfect green kitchen photo of kitchen with grass green cabinetry
Create the perfect green kitchen photo of kitchen with green cabinetry
Create the perfect green kitchen photo of kitchen with green cabinetry

Incorporating a green hue in the kitchen may seem unconventional, but it looks like this colour trend is having a moment in 2022. According to luxury brass hardware company Armac Martin, Google searches for “green kitchens” are up year-on-year by 52%, with interior designers saying it’s the colour to watch for this year.

With home interiors taking their stylistic cues from the outdoors, it’s no surprise that various tones of green are entering the kitchen. From mint and sage to subdued olive, bold emerald, and deep forest, there is a shade that suits every design choice.

Green is the new black

Refreshing, clean, and organic. These are just some of the reasons why this colour has become a popular choice for designers. With a movement in home transformation where homeowners now crave their own sanctuaries, green has become a natural choice as it injects a sense of calm and serenity into our living spaces. 

Green is a fresh hue to inject into the home. For those looking to do something bold, it’s a relatively safe choice while still making a statement, especially in the kitchen.

Create the perfect green kitchen photo of kitchen with grass green cabinetry

The right shade of green

There are several factors to consider when choosing a hue that complements your kitchen the most. This includes the space you are working with, the mood you want to convey, and whether you want to prominently feature the colour or just add subtle tones for interest.

Leanne Dunn, Director of Planet Furniture says, “Choosing the right green for your kitchen can be a complex process as lots of elements should be taken into account. Natural light plays a major role, as do ceiling height and window position.”

“Lots of light and space lend themselves to dark or bolder shades. Your choice of worktop and tiling will also influence the shade – natural finishes such as oak and granite look great with lighter greens whereas bright white offers a striking contrast to deeper shades.”

In Planet Furniture’s traditional green kitchen (pictured above), the white countertops stand out against the deep hues. The hardware, Armac Martin’s Queslett Pull and Queslett Square Knob serve as accents, injecting a luxurious and elegant look into the whole theme. 

Green kitchen inspiration

The green colour family has a wide range of tones, so finding the right shade won’t be too difficult. Here are 5 kitchens to explore that make gorgeous use of the earthy hue. 

Create the perfect green kitchen photo of kitchen with green cabinetry


Emerald is a deep green that is both dramatic and regal, so it’s the perfect option for luxury interiors, as seen in this kitchen by Hetherington Newman. For a more opulent look, opt for burnished brass details like Armac Martin’s Sparkbrook Handle in a burnished brass finish.

Create the perfect green kitchen photo of kitchen with green cabinetry


Sage is a timeless shade that goes well with wood and brown tones. Used in a light and airy space, it introduces a nature-inspired look reminiscent of the outdoors.

This kitchen from Elliot Biddle Interiors uses sage on the kitchen island to stand out against the white cabinetry. The use of warm finishes like light wood and brass on the countertop and hardware (Armac Martin’s Cotswold Cup Pull and Cotswold Ball Knob in the polished brass unlacquered finish) creates a calming space that instantly draws the eye to the focal point of the room. 

teal green kitchen cabinetry gregory croxford living


Try teal for a strong but cheerful hue.

This kitchen by Newcastle Design features wood panels in this brilliant colour. A few welcome accents – Armac Martin’s Cotswold Cup Pull, Cupboard Latch, and Bun Knob in a burnished brass finish – paired with the rustic floor reads very contemporary and is a winning combination. 

Create the perfect green kitchen photo of kitchen with strong green cabinetry


Designers favour mint green for modern green kitchen designs. In this kitchen by Thomas Ford & Sons, the relaxing pastel shade used in the custom cabinetry offers a lovely contrast to the brass hardware – featuring Armac Martin’s Cotswold Drawer Pull & Bun Knob in a satin brass lacquered finish – and brick walls.

Olive green kitchen gregory croxford living


A deep olive kitchen island adds a jolt of drama to this earthy kitchen by Lauren Olivia Design. The rich hue also offers a sense of balance to the pops of light wood and rattan elements in this design scheme. Gleaming brass hardware in Armac Martin’s Queslett Cup Pull, Cotswold Mushroom Knob, and 2174 Drawer Pull in a satin brass satin lacquered finish add a touch of elegance and luxe to the space. 

Adding accents to green kitchen projects?

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