TREND REPORT: Colours of the Natural World

We are seeing a movement in home transformation. No longer just a haven where individuals retreat after work, homes have now become adaptable spaces for work and play. Furnishing and décor are not just for display, but are functional and expected to last a lifetime.

This 2022, interior design professionals predict homes to be bolder and more colourful. They call it embracing the colours of the natural world, where warm comforting shades of beige, caramel, and cacao replace stark and vivid white.

Brown is the new black

The use of earthy tones along with bold colour combinations such as deep reds and greens add warmth to the home. It can be done through a splash of paint or furnishing like a lush sofa or rug.

Rich reds

To keep the browns from becoming boring, a punchy red hue can be used as embellishment. For example, a raspberry undertone may be used minimally–as a flourish–or as a combination to create a standout look.

Balanced colour palette

Neutral tones paired with bold colours like deep greens, rich reds, and blues will remain a go-to colour scheme. Introducing strong hues in walls or furniture, or even in custom cabinetry gives the space a relaxing feel while adding an element of interest.


As minimalism makes way for maximalism, the search for vintage pieces also makes a comeback. Layering spaces with old and new furniture creates a state of homeliness and feels timeless. Not to mention, it is more sustainable, another trend for 2022.

Tactile textures

The use of earthy tones is also a way to bring the outside world indoors, forging a closer connection to nature. Instead of man-made or synthetic finishes, introducing natural materials like stone, timber, and rattan makes the space feel more inviting. A mix of patterns, textures, and textiles also create cosy interiors and bring depth into the space.

Marble is still a popular choice for bathrooms, kitchens, and other accessories, and it’s a fun element to throw into the mix. Stone is another alternative—its tactile and luxurious feel can instantly elevate any room.

Let the design flow seamlessly from one space to another by focusing on a common thread like texture, colour, form, or detail. To keep the trend from becoming overwhelming, get the whole picture first and execute ideas one at a time. Looking for accents in natural colours? Check out our catalogue of cabinet hardware here. For more trends and design ideas, check out our blog and sign up for our newsletter here so you can start transforming your space.