Trend Report: 2023 Interior Design Trends You Can’t Ignore

2023 is shaping up to be another year of unrestricted movement. But even as we embrace freedom, we still crave the comforts of home, as seen in the latest interior design trends. Whereas 2022 saw homes becoming personal sanctuaries, this year’s direction shifts us to more thoughtful interiors with perma-vacay (permanent vacation) vibes and sustainability at the forefront. 

There’s also welcome news for maximalists: Minimalism has taken a backseat for a more individualistic and expressive approach. Read on for the different design trends sure to dominate homes this year.

Holiday souvenirs as decor

Living space by Sophie Paterson Interiors, featuring Armac Martin’s Jefferson Pull in a chocolate bronze finish

Whether or not you fulfilled your revenge travel plans in 2022, your nest will likely inspire vacay vibes all year round. From ornate ceramics to terracotta countertops and even kitschy decor like Mediterranean prints, checkered tablecloths, and hand-painted dinnerware, rooms will be significantly influenced by decor from around the world. These pieces will fuel creative energies and constantly bring back holiday memories.

An expressive approach to interiors

Bedroom by Celine Interior Design, featuring Armac Martin’s Bromwich Collection Pull in burnished brass finish

This year’s interiors will veer from minimalism, embracing a more expressive approach to interiors and finding inspiration far and wide. With a renewed interest in the Art Deco and Mid-Century aesthetic, combining pieces from different design styles and periods is encouraged. Layering is the game – think oversized lamps, recyclable retro pieces, plush sofas, and traditional art mixed with more modern elements.

Similarly, heirloom pieces and other trinkets that show the owner’s personality, culture, and uniqueness should take centre stage. After all, a home should reflect who the owner is.

Creative use of texture

Yet another 2023 interior design trend is layering. Homes will incorporate a variety of bold shapes, angular furniture, and textured walls. Textured walls and ceilings will have their moment, whether painted, treated with limewash, or coated with plaster.

By Laura Butler-Madden, featuring Armac Martin’s Sutton knob in antique brass lacquered finish

Likewise, materials will be elevated to those that respond to touch. For example, soft leathers, velvet and organic linen, textural timber, curved furniture, and rounded tables. Interesting shapes and furniture that go beyond function are all layered together for a playful but exquisite look.


Kitchen by Emily Pueringer, featuring Armac Martin’s Queslett Cup Pull and Latchford Cabinet Knob

Continuing from last year, sustainability remains the top interior design trend of 2023. From prioritising locally sourced furniture and materials to repurposing waste materials, homeowners will likely grow this movement. At the same time, searching for greener solutions like harvesting rainwater, utilising solar energy, and net-zero homes will be on the rise.
Which interior design trend are you looking forward to incorporating into your home this 2023?

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