The Somerville Residence

Interior aesthete Rachael Somerville’s regal Georgian home in Shropshire, England is a glowing testament to how Armac Martin can elevate an already exquisite space.

A Perfect Balance of Old and New

A beautifully renovated Georgian townhouse, Rachael’s residence is situated in the picturesque, historic town of Shrewsbury in Shropshire. Rising atop its lush garden and standing right by Rea Brook Nature Reserve, the property looks out at gorgeous views of nature in full splendour.

The townhouse’s commanding facade stays faithful to its Georgian tradition, sporting solid red brick and symmetrical windows. Inside, contemporary sensibilities pose a subtle contrast to classic architectural features, the old and new coming together to create luxurious yet comforting interiors.

To achieve this delicate balance of English heritage, modern sophistication, and cozy warmth, Rachael turned to Armac Martin, using their luxury brass hardware as the centrepiece of her vision.

“We wanted to create a home that was sympathetic to its age but with the practicalities of modern-day living,” Rachael says. “We have used Armac Martin handles through our home as we feel they marry these two elements together.”

On Display: The Cotswolds Collection

Armac Martin’s Cotswolds Collection, popular for its quaint countryside feel, is a fitting addition to a space that marries the traditional with the modern. Coming in over 20 finishes, the Cotswolds Collection allows homeowners to choose just the right shade of farmhouse-inspired charm for their unique environment.

The burnished brass finish, in particular, was a perfect choice for Rachael, as it paired beautifully with the aged brass taps in the kitchen and utility room.

In the kitchen, the Cotswold pulls and ball knobs adorn the cabinets along the walls and the dark kitchen island that dominates the space, the rustic quality of the burnished brass finish providing a homey contrast to the kitchen’s striking elegance. Meanwhile, in the utility room, the Cotswold collection pulls elevate the room, set daintily against the light neutral palette of the cabinetry and panelling.

Swathed in the same warm and inviting hues as the kitchen and utility room, the spacious living room is perhaps the room that truly showcases the Cotswold collection pieces. As light pours generously from the Georgian windows, the Cotswolds pieces come to life, bringing an old-world glow to a modern-day setting.

On Display: The Bromsgrove Collection

When deciding on handles for the dressing room and bathroom, Armac Martin’s Bromsgrove Collection is what captured Rachael’s fancy. Sleek and straight, the understated, modern design is one that never goes out of style.

“We opted for a more streamlined handle in their satin brass finish for our dressing room and en-suite, where we wanted a sleeker look,” Rachael says of her choice to use Bromsgrove.

True enough, in the dressing room, Bromsgrove pulls stand elegant and proud against the neutral surfaces of the wardrobes. The satin antique lacquered finish pairs beautifully with the softness of the colour palette and the profusion of light in the space.

In the bathroom, brass hardware also features prominently—a sign of the sense of luxury to be had in this corner of the home. The Bromsgrove handles fit exquisitely among the brass taps and mirrors, joining the aged golden slivers and bringing a unique lustre amidst the marble and muted hues.
Together, Armac Martin’s luxury brass pieces enhance the classic charm and contemporary appeal of this gorgeous Georgian renovation, making any visit to its carefully considered halls a truly delightful experience.

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