The Residences: Orange County Cottage by Mindy Gayer

When California-based designer Mindy Gayer purchased this cosy cottage, she envisioned it to be a first home for newlyweds with a little one on the way. The result is a charming and inspired living space for a growing family.

Much like what her design studio is known for, Mindy remodelled this Orange County Cottage into a house tailored to everyday living, feeling like home from the moment the owners step inside.

“I draw inspiration from the best of California living to create designs that are both beautiful and livable. The magic behind every project likes in the hundreds of thoughtful details that ensure each home truly reflects a client’s lifestyle and aesthetic,” she shares.

The Kitchen

In re-designing their kitchen, Mindy sought a neutral palette that blends traditional and contemporary influences. “It took a little time for us to figure out what felt most natural for the redesign. In the end, it came to life as a charming nod to the English country-inspired kitchen we’d hoped to have in our home,” the designer shares.

Warm hues make the space welcoming and inviting. The use of hardware from Armac Martin’s Bakes and Cotswold collections, in a satin antique satin lacquered finish, also adds a sophisticated touch to the room.

Opting for bench seating in the kitchen, Mindy made clever use of this L-shaped corner seat to provide additional storage space. True to her design philosophy, this side of the home is where form meets function.

“The kitchen was a labour of love for us to design and truly took on a life of its own as we repurposed spaces and built out the kitchen layout to form something that made the most sense to us as a family,” she shares. “It’s now a unique, warm space that we love and is truly the hub of our home.”

In choosing hardware to adorn her cabinets and drawers, Mindy combined two traditional-inspired collections from Armac Martin. She says, “To me, cabinetry hardware is a beautiful layer not to be overlooked in the overall design process. In our home, I wanted the warmth of various brass finishes and loved getting to incorporate these to really bring our cabinetry to life.”

The Bathrooms

Mindy’s quaint cottage features three bathrooms – a main bath, another for guests, and the nursery bathroom for her little one.

The choice of wallpaper dictated the look of the guest bathroom, with the use of brass accents – from the beautiful scalloped mirror to the single sconce wall light and hardware from Armac Martin’s Queslett collection – adding depth and elegance to the space that does not overpower the neutral aesthetic. “The design started with the wallpaper and grew from there,” Mindy shares. “It’s a pattern we’ve always loved, and it epitomises the cottage charm we were going for throughout the home.”

Taking the spotlight in the primary bathroom is the custom-reeded cabinet topped with luxurious Carrara marble. Not only does it elevate the space, but it also adds a refined touch to the room.

“[Carrara marble] is such a timeless material, and we use it in so many of our projects,” Mindy notes. “We opted to have a long vanity with a single sink as this layout allowed for the windows to flank either side of the sink and mirror and they let in so much beautiful natural light.”

Simple yet functional accents rein in the polished styling of this lavatory. Cabinet hardware from the Bakes and Carlton collections in a burnished brass finish complements the gorgeous texture of the cabinetry.

Whereas the main bathroom let in more natural light, Mindy transitioned the Nursery room to deeper hues, starting with an olive green vanity that commands attention. Cabinet pulls from the Queslett collection were set with a darker bronze finish to really set the mood.

“For the nursery bathroom vanity, we wanted a more traditional feel that felt really in keeping with the cottage aesthetic of the rest of the home,” Mindy notes. To make the space feel more inviting, she balanced out the dark vanity with light-coloured wallpaper and tiles with subtle patterns.

While it took a year to completely remodel Mindy’s Orange County home, the result is a simple yet cohesive space filled with thoughtfully collected pieces. See more of her home and designs by visiting her website and following her on Instagram.

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