The Residences: Experience Indoor/Outdoor Living at Atherton Pavilions

Situated in a flag-shaped lot in the northern part of California, sits the Atherton Pavilions across an acred property. Almost feeling like a natural part of the verdant landscape, these  freestanding glass-box structures are transparent and discrete, blending seamlessly with the lush plants and mature trees dotting the private backyard where they are built.

The award-winning project is the epitome of indoor/outdoor living — the perfect marriage of architecture and nature and the recent winner of Interior Design 2021 Best of the Year for Residential Landscape.

The Pavilions

At first glance, the two 42-square-metre pavilions designed by Feldman Architecture may seem identical in all aspects. However, the details reveal themselves as each structure’s function becomes more apparent upon closer inspection.

The first pavilion is an open-walled kitchen and dining space, extending the outdoor pool and lounge area; whilst the second is a quiet retreat built further back into the property, a dedicated space for fitness and meditation with sliding glass doors.

Both structures feature the same materials and colours, most notably the Alaskan yellow cedar slats wrapped around the rectilinear buildings. “The wood screens serve each pavilion in contrasting ways, introducing privacy into the exercise and meditation pavilion, and a feeling of openness in the kitchen pavilion,” shares Feldman Architecture.

Meanwhile, the lifted concrete foundations render the illusion that the pavilions are hovering over the abundant greenery as the hand-troweled plaster ceilings complement the entirety of the design.

The Gardens

Working closely with landscape consultants Thuilot Associates, the team at Feldman Architecture connected the pavilions to the rest of the property by integrating a winding concrete patio amongst the majestic redwoods and oaks.

Interior Design notes, “The nuanced landscaping, including a freeform pond and lush plantings, [are] carefully conceived to soften the transition between the natural and the manmade.”

Together, Feldman Architecture and Thuilot Associates maximised the use of the owners’ sprawling backyard with exceptionally designed pavilions and stunningly landscaped gardens.

About Feldman Architecture

Known for its work in residential and commercial sites, this decades-old firm considers design as a dialogue between its team, the client and the site itself. From design through to construction, the studio is deeply committed to creating smart, sustainable solutions to address its clients’ and the site’s needs.

Besides winning Interior Design 2021 Best of the Year for Residential Landscaping, Feldman Architecture was also recognised by Residential Design Magazine with an Honour Award for Custom Outdoor Living Design for their work on Atherton Pavilions.

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