The Residences: A London Chic Townhouse Kitchen

When done right, pastel hues in a kitchen can add just the right amount of character without being overwhelming. Pick the right shade and the look can be timeless. Such was the case with this modern kitchen renovation designed and installed by McClark Joinery in London.
Couple Audrey and Mike documented the transformation on Instagram through their account @TheLondonHomeFix. The two, with their cat Nutmeg, are proud owners of an airy townhouse in the London suburbs who decided to change up the kitchen from its former aesthetic. It was also a timely upgrade – the renovation happened before the lockdowns started, so they were able to complete their charming and functional kitchen and use it while they stayed home during the pandemic. Here’s how they did it.

Light and Bright

Sun-drenched kitchens look cosy and inviting so Audrey and Mike made sure to emphasise this by adding skylights. This guaranteed their open plan, modern kitchen extension was full to the brim with light. McClark Joinery opted to spray-finish the cabinets and the island with Farrow & Ball’s iconic Parma Grey – a colour that renders a cool pastel blue on surfaces – for a fresh and classic style that’s easy on the eyes.

Adding warmth to the space are the exposed London stock brick wall and natural wooden flooring, which balances out the cool tones of the cabinetry. Brass fixtures and hardware from Armac Martin’s Cotswold Collection complement the pastel hues, tying the look of the room elegantly.

“I think the thing I love most about the extension is that even when it’s gloomy, it always feels nice and bright,” Audrey shares on her Instagram. “Wouldn’t it look SO different here with darker cabinets?”

Classic meets contemporary

From blues to pinks, Audrey and Mike’s kitchen nails London chic with a contemporary classic feel. Modern touches like the bespoke backsplash – Audrey’s original design – are balanced with classic elements like the wooden flooring.

“Our style is very much centred on pastels so we always knew we wanted to incorporate pale blue cabinets in the kitchen to create a fun and bright space, with brass finishes on the handles and sink for added glamour,” Audrey shares.

The kitchen is also a masterclass in blending form and function, with the statement island integrating a dishwasher and bin and the cabinets cleverly hiding the fridge and freezer. Accents like the Cotswold Furniture Cup and Cupboard Latch, both in satin brass, lift the tones of the pastel cabinets and are the perfect match to the taps that sit above a double butler sink. These details balance the old meets new design showcased impeccably throughout the space.

Pastel hues can be intimidating but are soothing and uplifting when you decide to commit. For inspiration on introducing colour into your space, check out Classic Holiday Colours for Your Home That Will Work Year Round, Elegant Georgian Home With A Colourful Twist, and Green Kitchens For A Lively, Sophisticated Home. Subscribe to our newsletter and never miss out on the latest from Gregory Croxford Living.