The Residences: A Dreamy Yorkshire Home

Modern interior home design

The appeal of modern interior design lies in its simple and minimalist style—clean lines, a monochromatic colour palette, natural materials and natural light. And after more than a decade of mid-century modern obsession, the design aesthetic continues to persist thanks to its functional nature. 

For entrepreneurs Tajinder and Paramjit of the Yorkshire Build, a dreamy modern home was exactly what they needed as a family of five. With an elegant open plan kitchen, an organised pantry, and a sophisticated sitting area, they have created a social space where they can comfortably interact with each other. Take a look and be inspired by their beautiful and stylish abode.

The Sitting Area

Sleek design for home interior

Situated in the garden room is a lounge area that can be converted into a larger dining and entertaining space when needed. As the space adjoins the kitchen, Tajinder notes that it has become a sociable space where “we all gather before and after dinner” and where she can “interact with family whilst cooking.”

The bespoke shelves built around the TV marries functionality with a polished look, allowing media items to be seamlessly displayed alongside décor. The cabinetry complements the sleek design, accented by Armac Martin’s Gaumont T-Bar and Cabinet Handle in a satin antique satin lacquered finish.

The Kitchen

Modern interior kitchen design

The Yorkshire Build’s shaker-style kitchen is a delightful room where sunlight filters through perfectly, creating a lived-in and inviting atmosphere. The calming palette of muted greys, paired with timeless antique details make for a truly elegant but practical space.

Modern interior home design

The clean lines of the cabinetry help the ornate decor stand out, which includes the Murano glass pendant lighting, classic Belstaff sink, sash windows, and vaulted ceilings. Even the use of small elements like cabinet handles from Armac Martin’s Gaumont collection, which provides a subtle reference to the art deco era, are tastefully and thoughtfully designed to achieve a cohesive look.

The Pantry

Modern pantry design

Mirroring the impeccable look of the kitchen, the pantry is an organised haven with its bespoke drawers and cupboards accented by the Cotswold Cup Handle and Bun Knob in a satin antique satin lacquered finish. Tajinder notes that her pantry is one of her favourite rooms in the house, as she “really enjoyed planning and so much attention to detail was needed here.”

For more storage, open shelving is utilised so that the uniform glass jars filled with dry goods can double as a unique and colourful display. 

The Utility Room

Luxury brass cabinet design

PHOTO: https://www.instagram.com/p/CcXYHQLK-OB/

In the utility room, the herringbone backsplash, marble countertop, and wall lights create interest against a neutral colour palette. The use of antique brass hardware elevates the look of the greys, while Armac Martin’s Merrick cabinet knobs make the utility room cabinets stand out, thanks to its reeded design which adds a subtle touch of texture to the space. 

Tajnder and Paramjit’s Yorkshire Build home perfectly showcases quiet luxury with its stylish and sophisticated interiors. Their deliberate use of antique brass hardware also manages to elevate the look of their modern space without overwhelming. It is also a great way to add a hint of grandeur while promoting functionality.

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