Style Savant: Restoring A 1930s House With A Nod To Art Deco

Best design house decoration

When couple Hollie and Joe of @artdecorestoration purchased their property back in 2018 with the intent of a major renovation, they knew they were in for the long haul. While their house, which was built in 1938, retained its modern Art Deco style, many of the original features were no longer standing and needed an upgrade.

Two years later, after careful planning and painstaking hard work, the couple executed their vision. The result: a beautiful, sophisticated home that honours the Art Deco era with subtle references.

Elegant with a touch of glam

Best design house decoration

Located on the surrounding grounds of Eltham Palace, the restored house features charming interiors, from a hidden breakfast nook to a secret bar. The open plan layout touches on an aesthetic reminiscent of Art Deco, where opulence and practicality are carefully balanced. 

The downstairs area is admittedly the family’s favourite space, as it allows for easy entertaining and increases a sense of togetherness. Shares Joe, “We just love the downstairs, we have really made it work for us as a family and that’s so important; our daughter can be playing in her part of the room, I can be cooking, whilst my wife is in the living area and we can all still talk and see each other.”

The Kitchen

Modern luxury cabinetry design

The open layout lends more light to the lavish space, resulting in a bright and airy kitchen with touches of Art Deco in the cabinetry hardware. Armac Martin’s Digbeth collection is reminiscent of the short-lived movement with its ornate, hand-finished ridged details while adding a touch of modern luxury to the cabinetry. Seen above is the Digbeth Ridged T-Bar and Cabinet Handle with Backplate in an antique brass lacquered finish.

The choice of white keeps the area clean but stylish, offering a blend of contemporary and traditional aesthetics. The marble backsplash, herringbone flooring, as well as cupboards and drawers embellished with hardware from the Digbeth collection elevates the overall look of the space. 

“We had quite a clear idea of what we wanted in terms of the look of the cabinetry. It’s kind of a double shaker style with a hint of Art Deco,” shares Joe. “We kept the kitchen white and opted for furniture and decorative items to add a splash of colour.”

The Utility Room

Mirror design for kitchen

The nod to Art Deco continues in the Utility Room, where the Digbeth Plain T-Bar with Backplate is again utilised. The stepped edge details to the doors, cornice and skirting also mirror the kitchen design.

Modern laundry area home style

Laundry essentials like the wicker basket and apothecary-style bottles and glass jars smartly double as decor. This is another notable feature of Art Deco design—the marriage of beauty and utility.

Secret spots

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The clever use of storage is a highlight of this gorgeous home. Just across the kitchen island, a cupboard opens into a cosy breakfast nook, filled with essentials needed to jumpstart the day.

Sleek multi-functional cabinet home style

In the living room, a sleek multi-functional cabinet spans one wall. It is used as storage for coats and shoes and can also be used as a bench. 
To break up the block of cabinets, shelves are incorporated into the design, which also serves as a focal point of the space. Armac Martin’s Digbeth Ridged Cabinet Handle with Backplate offers a lovely contrast against the stark white cabinetry.

Best wine cabinetry design

One part of the bespoke cabinetry reveals a hidden home bar. It comes complete with lights and a mirrored panel to highlight the grand display. Apart from making entertaining easier, it’s an instant conversation starter for the couple and their guests.

While the Art Deco movement may have only lasted several years, the style still certainly influences modern design today. Known for its sleek lines, bold geometric shapes, rich colours, and decadent detail, the design’s unique aesthetic can be incorporated into virtually any interior using accents that have a bit of glam to them. Take your cue from Hollie and Joe’s Art Deco restoration and go for elements like luxury hardware, boudoir lamps, bookends, and the like. It will add a touch of glamour and glory to your home.
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