Style Savant: Indulge in the Luxurious Decadence of the Cocktail Collection

With its incredible nightlife featuring some of the finest and trendiest pubs and bars in the United Kingdom, Birmingham has become the infamous go-to for anyone looking to have an unforgettable time. But beyond its popularity, the celebrated cocktail district is also home to some of the most elegant and distinctive lounges, making it the perfect inspiration for Armac Martin’s Cocktail Collection.

Taking notes from the iconic martini-inspired style of Colmore, the distinctive distillery shapes of Barwick, and the grand deco textures of Victoria, this decadent collection of luxury brass hardware marries the art of classics with a contemporary twist. Much like how master mixologists from The Grand Hotel and Fox and Chance craft their cocktail creations, Armac Martin has reimagined glassware silhouettes and details to form a trio of striking pieces that radiate luxury and elegance.

Take a closer look at each of the design stories below.


The iconic profile of the Martini glass leads to the design of Colmore. Named after Birmingham’s most cosmopolitan address, the knobs, robe hooks, and cabinet and appliance handles showcase impeccably smooth curves with subtle concave details, making them the ideal pieces to dress your joinery.

Sleek, sophisticated and thoughtfully crafted, these Colmore pieces will make a statement in any room. Opt for a polished brass lacquered finish for a look that radiates luxury.


Influenced by the aesthetic of Birmingham’s impressive roster of distilleries, the Barwick collection features effortless column shapes and linear ridges parallel to the look of traditional distillery tanks. It provides a harmonious balance of classic and modern, with both plain and ridged styles available, as well as the option to add a backplate. Adorn your space with these expertly crafted brass cabinet knobs and pulls, alongside a wall hook.

Elevate living rooms and hallways by creating lots of texture with Barwick bespoke hardware. Choose a finish in burnished brass lacquered for an aged and timeless look.


Grand textures emulating opulent reeded glassware is the distinctive look of the Victoria collection. Named and inspired by Birmingham’s Victoria Square, where the city’s vibrant cocktail scene unfolds, each piece makes a polished deco statement. The range of brass wall hooks and cabinet knobs and pulls are enveloped with refined tiered stepped details, with the option of a plain design.

The Victoria collection brings instant impact to interiors, just like these cleverly crafted C and D pulls. Each piece is designed to catch the eye, perfect for dressing bespoke freestanding furniture like sideboards and dressers. Choose a finish like the satin antique satin lacquered finish for timeless opulence.

With the New Year approaching, it’s time to transform your cabinetry. Whether with Armac Martin’s Cocktail collection or any of our exquisite brands and products, Gregory Croxford Living will always impress.

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