Style Savant: Embracing the Luxury Aesthetic with The Grove Collection

Sustainability and the creative use of texture continue to be two of 2023’s top design trends. If you wish to incorporate these elements into your interiors, one subtle way to do it is by changing up the hardware in your home, starting with Armac Martin’s latest collection: Grove.

Produced in collaboration with British interior designer Sophie Paterson, the collection is inspired by nature’s most iconic form – bamboo. Known for its innate durability, distinct appearance, and renewable prospects, bamboo is an enduring symbol of strength, drawing Sophie to incorporate it in her designs.

“I love the concept stage of developing a new collection when I get to think of designs I wish existed,” says Sophie. “Bamboo is such a timeless shape, and [ever] since Princess Diana wore a Gucci bamboo handle bag in the ’90s, I’ve loved its use in fashion and always wanted to bring that to my interiors.”

Elegant silhouettes for luxurious interiors

These exquisitely crafted pieces feature elegant silhouettes and a tactile feel meant to elevate timeless interiors. The sophisticated design blends seamlessly with several luxury settings, making it the perfect choice for dressing rooms, primary bedrooms, and even kitchens. 

“The natural shape of bamboo works so beautifully at softening joinery – we have already specified the collection for two kitchen designs we have done in Oman and Bahrain,” Sophie shares.

A closer look at the collection

Grove is available as a set of intricately designed bamboo-style hardware, including cabinet pulls, t-bars, and knobs. They also come in Armac Martin’s signature brass finishes, including Sophie’s favourite, satin antique satin lacquered, and are all made sustainably in England from the finest solid brass. See the pieces below.

Grove Bamboo Cabinet Handle

Dress your joinery with this elegant cabinet handle with a distinct bamboo silhouette.

Grove Bamboo T-Bar Cabinet Handle

The perfect hardware for the kitchen, bedroom, and beyond.

Grove Bamboo Cabinet Knob

With a refined shape and subtle ridged details, this stylish knob is an excellent addition to cabinet doors and drawers.

Grove Bamboo Thumb Knob

This understated piece is another excellent choice for cabinet doors and drawers. Mix and match with the Grove Bamboo Cabinet Knob for creative play on design.

Grove Bamboo Robe Hook

An exquisite organic piece that can be used in dressing rooms, bathrooms, and hallways.

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