Style Savant: Bringing The New England Charm To Your Home

When designing a beautiful home, the New England style is perhaps the most versatile. With comfort as its hallmark, it is easy to incorporate the look into any space, whether you live in a fabulous mansion, rustic beach house, or a quaint cottage.

The New England charm lies in the interiors – often leaning on neutral hues and pastel shades that feature white as the primary colour scheme. Combined with open plan spaces and lots of natural light, it evokes an easy-breezy home that is cosy, warm, and welcoming.

If you’re looking to recreate this striking style for every room in your house, be inspired by these homes that feature this elegant decor.

New England style in your kitchen photo of kitchen interior white new england style cabinetry

Clean and relaxing feel

The New England look is all about clean lines, with light and airy spaces for that fresh and relaxing vibe.

This contemporary kitchen by Shannon Weller Design mixes country-inspired hardware – with Armac Martin’s Cotswold Ball Knob and Latchford Pull – and New England style courtesy of the Queslett Pull, all in an antique silver plate finish.

The aged appearance of the hardware lends a softer finish than matt black, and with details like the Crittall Windows, it builds a beautiful contrast to the all-white hues of the cabinetry.

New England style in your kitchen photo of kitchen interior wood new england style cabinetry

Where form meets function

Homes that choose the New England style put emphasis on form and function. You’ll find clever storage solutions doubling as decor, with beautiful detailing fitting seamlessly with the theme. 

Space-permitting, kitchens will often feature an island, which is excellent for food preparation and entertaining guests. This welcoming kitchen by Thorpe Concepts holds a stunning wooden island accented by Armac Martin’s Queslett Cup Pull in a satin brass satin lacquered finish. The subtle golden hues against the neutral tones of the kitchen give an understated appeal to the room. 

New England style in your kitchen photo of kitchen interior new england style cabinetry

Nautical influences

The traditional New England look is also heavily influenced by nautical touches, which is why pastel colours like seafoam green, sandy beiges, sunny yellows, and sky blues are commonly chosen for interiors. Materials like jute and driftwood and the use of shiplap (wood panelling) are also utilised to evoke that feeling of being on ships, or living by the beach and fishing wharves.

For a more modern New England design, you can incorporate a nautical look using more polished elements into your home. Think rustic materials like handmade baskets, flax, or rugged wooden accessories. In this home office by author and lifestyle blogger Monika Hibbs, wicker chairs and baskets, pendant lights, and a custom desk with a hint of grey and green reflect the classiness associated with New England style.

To complete the theme, opt for elegant materials like bronze, gold, or marble to infuse a neoclassical style in your home. As seen above, Armac Martin’s Cotswold Bun Knob and Queslett Pull in a burnished brass finish tie the whole look together. 

New England style in your kitchen photo of kitchen interior white new england style cabinetry

Shaker aesthetic

Another enduring element of the New England style is the Shaker design. This utilitarian aesthetic, rooted in efficiency, simplicity, and quality workmanship, fits right in the New England mould. Furniture is straightforward with an emphasis on clean lines, done in a neutral or muted palette, with very few embellishments.

In this shaker style suite kitchen found in Monika Hibbs’ home, the light cabinetry and worktops inspire a calm and serene atmosphere. Armac Martin’s Queslett collection – featuring the Knob with Square Backplate, Knob with Rectangular Backplate, and Finger Pull in a satin brass satin lacquered finish – offer a decorative flourish with a timeless and elegant appeal.

If New England interiors fit your design aesthetic, consider Armac Martin’s Queslett collection, which yields a classic New England look. Learn more about this range here.

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