Modern Luxury Living: 7 Ways to Elevate Your Space With Brass in 2024

If you’re looking to update your property this year, investing in brass pieces can bring you one step closer to the coveted look of magazine worthy luxurious homes. These metallic accents evoke an atmosphere of warmth and tranquillity while adding elegance to any room. Whether you want to make a statement or brighten up your interiors, here are some ways to use our most sought after luxury hardware to elevate your space.

Introduce accents that double as decor.

Style commonly used kitchen accessories like pots, pans and utensils with functional hardware like the Armac Martin Cotswold Pot Rail and S Hooks in a burnished brass finish, as seen in this kitchen by Atelier Cabinet Makers. Apart from creating gleaming accents with the items on display, the traditional design lends a timeless appeal and an effortless country aesthetic, creating a cosy environment for kitchens and utility rooms.

Bring in historical grandeur.

Forget predictable kitchen cabinet hardware and introduce your cabinetry to pieces with a historical flair. The Victoria Stepped C Pull from Armac Martin’s Cocktail Collection brings a contemporary twist to a deco classic, with stepped detailing that makes for eye catching accents on wardrobes and cabinets.

Add a mirror.

Brass frames and mirrors instantly add sophistication to any room. Rein in busy patterns with an elegant mirror like the Claremont Dressing Table Mirror, designed by Sophie Paterson with Armac Martin. The burnished brass finish is a stunner against the unique backdrop of the room while still maintaining a cohesive look with the rest of the pieces in the space.

Mix shapes and textures.

Go beyond mixing metals and introduce different shapes and textures to your space instead. Try interchangeable hardware like the MIX Diamond Knurled Cabinet Knob with Backplate, which is a great choice for introducing shifting shapes in your interiors and allows mixing and matching of finishes. Pair with a variety of knobs, pulls and latches for a cosy but collected vibe, just like this kitchen by Amanda Teal.

Opt for open shelves.

Open shelves like the Handsworth Flush Mounted Shelf Bracket from Armac Martin can make rooms appear more welcoming. For a modern classic aesthetic, opt for a neutral colour palette highlighted by metallic accents. The brass brackets can lift the look of the objects on display. You can also use it to play around with layers and textures – for example, raffia, wood, ceramic, marble and glass work exceptionally well together. Complete your setup with potted plants to add interest and create a calmer environment.

Choose sleek solutions.

When you have a statement countertop or backsplash, subtle brass accents complete the look without stealing the show. In this two tone counter by Ashley Montgomery Design, sleek knobs from Armac Martin’s Cotswold collection allow your eye to focus on the luxe marble so you can admire the beauty of quiet luxury.

Go bold.

Make your cabinetry shine with oversized brass pulls, like the Digbeth Ridged Cabinet Handle from Armac Martin. It’s an excellent way to decorate classic interiors in a totally unexpected yet understated fashion. Opt for finishes that make your hardware stand out, like the satin antique satin lacquered finish used in these kitchen cabinets by Hux London.

Brass pieces are extremely adaptable, so they can be used in several forms and finishes, whether you’re going for an antique, rustic, hammered, wired or gleaming aesthetic. For that luxe feel, maximise the pieces to accentuate your home – they do wonders to elevate your interiors.

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