Luxury is in The Details: Coveted Finishes by Armac Martin

Armac Martin, makers of fine luxury brass hardware since 1929, is best known around the world for exceptional designs and exquisite details. Drawing from its rich history in manufacturing, the brand continually elevates British craftsmanship with timeless collections of solid brass cabinet handles, drawer knobs, appliance pulls and more.

By taking the beauty of brass and transforming it with over 20 plated and patinated finishes, Armac Martin is able to create elegant hardware to adorn classic and modern interiors alike. Each piece is hand-finished by expert polishers right in the heart of England where the brand’s artisan processes have been perfected over time.

Here, Gregory Croxford Living introduces five of Armac Martin’s most coveted finishes through a look inside their Birmingham factory.

American Bronze Lacquered

A popular choice for industrial spaces with modern aesthetics, the American Bronze Lacquered finish is all produced by hand — taking raw brass, applying an American bronze paste and hand-brushing for a smooth finish. It is then polished on a wheel and coated with clear gloss lacquer before being baked in the oven for curing. This ensures lasting protection, providing a durable shine that can withstand day-to-day use.

Burnished Brass

Characterised by a radiant golden hue, this opulent finish is created with a light antique patina applied to the brass through a three-tank process. It is then hand-sateened to achieve a brushed satin finish before it is finally aged naturally in barrelling machines. Burnished brass also oxidises over time, rendering a stately look to both traditional and contemporary interiors.

Satin Antique Satin Lacquered

Refined, elegant and sophisticated, this finish adds the perfect touch of warm colour to any interior style. To achieve its iconic brushed effect, a solution is used to allow its antique patina to develop gradually before it enters a cleansing bath and each relieved by hand. After careful inspection, the finish is then enveloped in a satin lacquer and baked in the oven to ensure protection from everyday use.

Satin Brass Unlacquered

The Satin Brass Satin Unlacquered finish features a beautifully brushed satin favoured for its subtle radiance and refined elegance. This finish is masterfully hand-sateened by expert finishers and sealed with a highly durable satin that will naturally oxidise and develop a patina through time.

Satin Nickel Plate

Defined by its brushed satin finish, the Satin Nickel Plate finish is hand-sateened and dipped into tanks to create its dull nickel plating. A worthy addition to light, airy spaces, it is a ‘living finish’ that will age naturally over time to create a distinct effect through everyday use.

As the exclusive distributor of Armac Martin in the region, Gregory Croxford Living takes pride in bringing its world-renowned collections of fine fittings from England to Australasia. If you are looking for a particular product or finish, you may browse the complete range here and submit an enquiry or call 0403 656 110 for more information. Should you wish to design your own hardware, we also offer bespoke designing and manufacturing services to bring your ideas to life. To learn more, please email office@gregorycroxfordliving.com.au.