Introducing Harborne, Stirchley, and Moseley

When the elegance of form and the intent of function meet, design achieves its ultimate purpose.

From creating some of the world’s most sought after solid brass hardware for doors and cabinets, Armac Martin now brings its rich history in British workmanship to produce a range of stylish shelf brackets for kitchens, pantries and beyond.

One of the brand’s latest expansions to its existing product range, the three brackets serve more than just support wall shelves — they are works of art in themselves, following a minimal aesthetic and effortless structure, available in Armac Martin’s 20 exquisite finishes.

The Harborne shelves

The Harborne

Designed by Guild Anderson for Armac Martin, the Harborne Brass Shelf Bracket is made exclusively for bespoke marble and wooden shelves focusing on flawless contours and effortless design.

The Stirchley shelving

The Moseley

The softer appearance of the Moseley Shelf Bracket effortlessly enhances the look of interior shelving, featuring smooth edges and flattering angles to complement artful shelf styling in the home.

The Stirchley shelving

The Stirchley

An immaculate choice for marble and wooden wall shelves, the Stirchley features simplistic straight lines that render a utilitarian appeal to contemporary spaces.

Whether it’s the Harborne’s decorative lipped edges, the Moseley’s flattering angles or the Stirchley’s neat contours, each piece enhances the look of your space with beautifully styled shelving.