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The Armac product has a distinct look and feel that has been established over many years. The staff at our UK factory have skills that have been learned and passed down from one generation to the next.

From the handwork of the brassfounder in the dressing shop to the skilled touch of a trained polisher and the practiced eye of the inspection and packaging team, you get a unique feel for quality and detail that simply can’t be achieved from high volume machine finishing.

With a palette of over 18 metal finishes & patinas across the entire Armac Martin range you can really deliver a lasting impression.

PNPPolished Nickel PlateIn Stock – 5 weeks
PCPPolished Chrome PlateIn Stock – 5 weeks
SCPSatin Chrome Plate4-5 weeks
SNPSatin Nickel Plate4-5 weeks
ANTAntique Brass4-5 weeks
PBLPolished Brass4-5 weeks
BELBurnished Brass4-5 weeks
CBPChocolate Bronze4-5 weeks
ACPAntique Copper Plate4-5 weeks
ASPAntique Silver Plate4-5 weeks

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