Digbeth Collection

Introducing Digbeth

Birmingham, England is close to the heart of Armac Martin, as it plays home to the brass artisans who create beautifully handcrafted pieces for the brand.

A history of industry
One particular area of interest in Central Birmingham is Digbeth, which was historically surrounded by Birmingham’s first centre of industry. Close to the River Rea and to a supply of natural springs in the area, Digbeth naturally attracted much of the manufacturing industry. This made Digbeth an area of national importance, and one of the most heavily industrialised areas of its time.

Today, Digbeth is in the midst of a redevelopment scheme which aims to transform older industrial buildings into residential properties, retail and office spaces, as well as arts facilities. It’s become known for its place in the electronic music scene, with three iconic locations close to one another—the Custard Factory, O2 Institute, and Godskitchen’s AIR. It’s also the place for the up and coming B-Town independent music scene, and is known for having an artist-run space for visual artists. In 2018, it was named by The Times as the “coolest neighbourhood in Britain.”

Despite the many changes Digbeth has gone through over the years, its industrial spirit lives on as much manufacturing still occurs in the southern part of the area.

Meet Digbeth
Given both its historical relevance in artisanal craftsmanship and its signature for cool, contemporary industrial style living, it makes perfect sense that Armac Martin has named its newest luxury hardware collection Digbeth. The style is industrial led, with nods to the district’s raw textures and modern aesthetic.

This collection was designed, developed, and perfected throughout the course of a year. The Digbeth collection features hand-finished linear ridged details to the surface across the lineup of t-bar and pull handles, as well as cabinet knobs and appliance pulls. Available in the brand’s signature range of brass finishes, Armac Martin prescribes amplifying the visual impact of these pieces by framing each piece with an equally striking backplate.

These pulls and handles are the perfect companion to modern luxury living. From your kitchen cabinets to your wardrobe to drawers and appliance doors, the Digbeth collection is the ultimate embellishment for your interiors, made and built to last just like its namesake district.

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