Design Digest: Update Your Space With These Timeless Interior Design Trends

Interior design trends change and evolve as seasons go, but there are certain themes that stand the test of time – classics that continue to influence newer styles and decor. For designers and homeowners looking to build and renovate homes, it’s essential to identify timeless design trends versus those that are just a passing fad. Here’s a list of design choices you won’t regret in the years to come.

Natural Stone

From marble to travertine, the use of natural stone will never go out of style. Seen in modern interiors as statement pieces, this material is both practical and luxurious with incomparable beauty. 

Apart from looking timeless, natural stone brings warmth to any project. In this kitchen by JK Interior Living, the marble countertops and island effortlessly evoke a luxurious feel, complemented by standout hardware from Armac Martin’s Latchford collection in a polished chrome plate finish.

Brass Hardware

Brass is the material of choice when you want to add a touch of opulence or grandeur to your interiors. It’s a classic look that always feels new and has the power to elevate any space. Most importantly, the material is durable and ages gracefully – over time, it develops a natural patina to give your room more character.

As regards to brass’ staying power – it’s a design trend that always experiences a resurgence in popularity. Choose a natural finish like Armac Martin’s polished brass unlacquered finish and let golden hardware, like this Washwood Pull, gleam beautifully against custom cabinetry.

White Kitchens

An all-white kitchen will always be timeless and have its place in modern and traditional interiors. Not only is it chic, but it’s also easier to infuse your personality with finishing touches, like a pop of colour or elegant hardware.

White allows other items to shine. In this immaculate white shaker style kitchen by Randi Garrett, statement pieces like the bespoke cooker hood and accents like the Armac Martin Latchford collection in polished brass unlacquered finish dazzle and complete the luxurious feel of the space.

Subway Tiles

Subway tiles are chic, classic, and look good with just about anything, so it’s a good choice for timeless kitchens. Originally offered in 3 by 6 inch rectangles and typically used as backsplash and on walls, modern options now come in various materials and sizes.

White is fun to play around with – not only does it provide a bright, clean background to make your ornaments stand out, but it also looks great with decorative finishes, hardware, and other colourways. In this utility room by interior design studio Westbourne Group, subway tiles were balanced out using contrasting cabinets and classic accents like the Jefferson Knob in a burnished brass finish from Armac Martin.

Neutral tones

Every season will have an “it” colour, but if you’re looking for something that lasts, neutral tones are stylish and work with everything. Bold hues make an impact, but it might look dated over time. 

If you want to refresh your interiors every so often, keep your core items neutral, like your sofa, rug, and accent chairs, and bring in colour with smaller pieces like blankets, accessories, and art. In this sitting room by interior designer Laura Butler-Madden, playful pops of colour were introduced through the artworks and decor on display, while darker hardware like Armac Martin’s Sutton cabinet knob stand out against the white cabinetry.

While the trends above have surprising longevity, the key is to choose designs that reflect your style and personality, as that’s the true marker of a timeless look. For more interior inspiration, check out The Neutral Kitchen Aesthetic, Orange County Cottage, and A Contemporary Farmhouse Kitchen. Sign up for our newsletter and get the latest from Gregory Croxford Living.