Design Digest: Stylish Spring Updates For Your Pantry

Spring has always been the traditional season for cleaning, decluttering, and organising the home. This includes one of the most important spots of the house: the pantry. A functional must have for modern living, homeowners and designers are now putting more thought into these storage spaces. Beyond incorporating clever custom features, their designs have also become more sophisticated and polished. 

If you’re considering designing a dedicated room or reimagining storage solutions for your pantry, let these stylish spring updates inspire you.

Neutral haven

This luxurious butler style pantry by Becky Hillyard of Cella Jane Blog features a warm, neutral palette that’s easy to update with the changing seasons. Combining standout features like the marble worktop and mirrored cabinets with lavish hardware from Armac Martin’s Mix and Oblique collections, it exudes elegance beyond compare.

Plus, with meticulously designed shelving and cabinetry, the layout of the pantry allows ease of motion during food prep, cooking, and indoor and outdoor presentation.

Chic space saver

If you can only allot a small portion of your kitchen for your pantry essentials, consider a floor to ceiling design like this cabinet by Krantz Designs. A muted grey hue with burnished brass hardware like Armac Martin’s Cotswold Bun Knob ensures it seamlessly blends with the rest of the kitchen joinery.

Charming pop of colour

Brighten up a multifunctional pantry with playful wallpaper. In this captivating space by designer Emily Pueringer, luxurious creamy quarter countertops and burnished brass hardware from Armac Martin’s Queslett collection contrast the warm wood from the custom cabinetry and patterned wallpaper.

While there’s counter space and ample storage, the room is also the perfect size for going bold and adding a little drama to your interiors.

Hidden nook

Jars and baskets are great for organising essentials, but you can also utilise depth to create a gorgeous nook like this custom cabinet by Krantz Designs.

The doors open to reveal multiple drawers featuring hardware from Armac Martin’s Withenshaw collection and shelving for additional storage.

Timeless display

A deep hue on cabinetry looks classy, no matter the season. In this timeless pantry design from The Building of Us Home, the inside is styled like you would open kitchen shelves, with thoughtfully stacked tableware, glass jars grouped by size, and layered pieces for a neat and organised look you can proudly show off.

Whole wall storage

In this hidden pantry at the Old Rectory, floor to ceiling cabinets frame a doorway leading to the kitchen. The delightfully subtle green hue brightens up the space, with the cabinetry serving to display the homeowner’s collection of glassware.

Everything within reach

Turn your kitchen island into a cosy breakfast spot by positioning a cupboard right across it and filling it with the essentials needed to jumpstart the day.

This custom pantry cabinet by McClark Joinery, with hardware from Armac Martin’s Digbeth collection, complements this home’s open plan layout with its black and white palette.

From new colours and wallpaper to no-fail design solutions, the possibilities are endless for your pantry update this spring. For more ideas, check out An Edwardian Remodel Inspired by Hotel Living, Timeless Interior Design Trends, and Utility Room Inspiration to Refresh Your Homes
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