Design Digest: Rethinking Wardrobes and Walk-ins

The desire to truly dress up one’s space, as well as to invest in pieces that are both practical and of visual interest, has never been as apparent as it’s been in 2021. Many are leaning into more opulent details while creating gorgeous personal sanctuaries within their homes. The spaces we’ve seen truly soar and evolve are the dressing room and the walk-in wardrobe, which are the epitome of personal space. Entirely functional as well as undeniably luxurious, we’ve seen how key changes and minimal updates can make these spaces are infinitely more
enjoyable for the home dweller. Here are some easy adjustments to establish peak elegance that we’ve loved seeing in different
clients’ spaces:

Change the temperature - Gregory Croxford Living

Change the temperature
Some of our favourite wardrobes that we’ve seen from clients have turned out to be more affordably priced ready-made modular cabinet systems. Because many of these types of wardrobes are geared towards minimalist Scandinavian styles, their designs are actually quite modern, clean, and mesh well with a number of personal aesthetics. This makes it a great jumping off point for personalisation, beginning with the simplest of all alterations: colour. We’ve talked about the burst of colours flying into homes this 2022, and now is the perfect time to consider tinting your wardrobes a shade other than white. We’ve seen some incredibly beautiful muted mints, soft pinks, and dusky greys in clients’ builds that bring a freshness to the
space while remaining timeless and elegant.

Get a handle on it - Gregory Croxford Living

Get a handle on it
Call us biased, but one of our favourite ways to dress up a wardrobe is by changing out regular old handles with classic, artisan-crafted, well-designed handles that were created to stand the test of time. Many of our clients prefer longer handles for a comfortable grip, particularly with heavier wardrobe doors, which is why we made sure to carry a wide selection from both Turnstyle Designs and Armac Martin. These luxury handles come in a myriad of finishes whose patina will develop over time, and age exquisitely within your space.

Play with texture
If you’d like to take it up a notch, one look we love is seeing texture on our clients’ wardrobe doors. We’ve seen textured fabric panels in a soft blue grey linen, matching the satin finish paint on the doors of a sizeable wardrobe. The effect is subtly elegant, soothing to the eyes and creating an element of tactile luxury. On the other hand, we have also loved seeing visual texture created through printed wallpaper panels across wardrobe doors. With a wide range from chic geometric designs to more vintage- inspired watercolour style prints, dynamic imagery can solidify the tone of a room, making it decidedly more feminine, more industrial, or more vibrant.

Pause to reflect - Gregory Croxford Living

Pause to reflect

Reflective surfaces have been known to create the illusion of scale in most rooms, and can bring extra brightness into a space where natural light may be sparse. One of the best hacks we’ve seen in smaller dressing areas or uniquely cut rooms is to attach mirrors to wardrobe doors. Smaller cut mirrors on door paneling give light and dimension to a space, while larger mirrors give the feel of a much larger space as well as altogether eliminating the need for a separate full length mirror.

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