Design Digest: Neutral Spaces by Studio Eliste

With 2022 well on its way and a massive year ahead for Gregory Croxford Living, join us as we take a moment to revisit projects by renowned designers of 2021, featuring of course, some of our favourite luxury solid brass hardware.

Studio Eliste

As seen in Vogue, Elle and Schöner Wohnen, Studio Eliste unapologetically succeeds in crafting interiors that speak an elegant, cosy yet somehow eclectic language. From large scale projects to quick makeovers, their modern yet timeless style has left a lasting impression in modern design inspirations.

A not so recent example of this timeless minimalism is in this distinctly chic home designed by Studio Eliste.

Favouring an unmistakably mid-century look, and perfectly balancing beauty with practicality, it isn’t a surprise that design studios like ‘Studio Eliste’ choose to incorporate brands like Armac Martin and their selection of brass wardrobe handles and knobs.

Bursting Through The Backdrop

Interestingly, dressers and cabinets can often provide dual functions in interiors. They can simultaneously act as independent fixtures or stand as integral components of a room’s background/feature wall. Therefore, material, colour, and shape are all major considerations when considering a tasteful dresser set-up. Armac Martin’s MIX collection offers a wide array of innovative and modern hardware pieces that adds both class and texture to what might otherwise be plain and monotonous.

The diamond knurled cabinet knob from the same collection on the other hand adds variance and a captivating sheen at the centre of a one-tone colour scheme. A satin antique satin lacquered finish on the knob gives a conservative brightness that works well with the straightforward white of the above cabinetry.

Chic brass hardware is an extremely understated detail when it comes to home interior design. Whether it be a warm and cosy kitchen, a sleek bath, or a simple dresser, Armac Martin brings forth luxurious pieces that can enhance and emphasise the look and feel of any room.

Image Credit: Studio Eliste | Featuring: Armac Martin Edgbaston Pull in our burnished brass finish

Designed in a mostly monochrome palette punctuated with aged brass accents, the lavish cloakroom, striking master bath setting and desirable dressing room are all highlights.

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