Design Digest: Knightsbridge Apartment by Sophie Paterson Interiors

At the forefront of high-end interior design stands Sophie Paterson Interiors, a studio recognised for creating some of the most luxurious residences in the U.K. Their team of dedicated designers provides a comprehensive service that delivers warm and livable spaces uncompromising in their beauty and style. Through her sophisticated yet practical approach, Paterson renders a timeless aesthetic with interior projects including the Knightsbridge Apartment standing out as one of their exemplary works. This redesign and renovation is a solid testament to the studio’s philosophy that ‘simplicity is key.’ With each room emanating a distinct vibe, enhanced and accentuated by the particular choices in Armac Martin hardware, the opulent Grade II-listed residence is now effortlessly elegant with its bespoke details and period features.

The Lounge

In designing the living room, Paterson’s chief concern was to create an inviting atmosphere where hosts can receive guests in style.

Considering the client’s penchant for entertaining, it was vital for the lounge to look and feel welcoming. A bright coat of paint on the walls accentuated with warm pieces of décor ground the pleasant nature of the space, whilst an abundance of seating reinforce the inherent sociability of the room. Meanwhile, Armac Martin’s deco design era-inspired Jefferson Cabinet Handles in Chocolate Bronze Lacquered finish construct a seamless visual transition throughout the rest of the room’s furnishings and fixtures.

The Bedrooms

Dressing areas have, over time, become Paterson’s strongest suit as she translates the luxurious tastes of her clientele into the home’s most intimate spaces. The bedrooms in the Knightsbridge Apartment are no exception. After searching far and wide for proper dressing table mirrors and vanity mirrors, Paterson found none were up to the standard; hence, she collaborated with Armac Martin to design luxury brass mirrors that have become the centrepiece of most of her designs.

In the Master Bedroom, we see the Satin Antique Satin Lacquered finish of the Claremont Panelled Dressing Table Mirror and the Crossways T-Bar Handles complement the rest of the dressing table’s accents. Together, these details draw attention to the bespoke cabinetry’s soft hue and ridged design.

The Girls Bedroom, on the other hand, feature the Claremont Dressing Table Mirror to bring out the beauty of the delicate colours of blush and pistachio on the walls. On the table itself, deco-inspired Rotunda Cabinet Handles — also in the Satin Antique Satin Lacquered finish — give the room a feminine touch that is neither overpowering nor understated.

For the Boys Bedroom, we can see the versatility of the Satin Antique Satin Lacquered finish further in Paterson’s use of the Gaumont T-Bar Handles. This time, the stepped edges of this deco-inspired Armac Martin add even more depth to the dusty blue and tan hues present in the room.

With her masterful use of Armac Martin’s luxury solid brass hardware, Paterson was able to maintain a sense of continuity throughout the home whilst keeping a unique motif in each room.

The Bathroom

The en-suite bathroom is the final stop in the Knightsbridge Apartment, where serenity permeates the space.

With the vanity as the main point of interest, Paterson’s use of a pivoted mirror is a stroke of genius as it maximises the room’s natural light. On the cabinetry, the Arbar T-Bar Handles in Satin Antique Satin Lacquered finish provide a subdued accent to the entire ensemble, leveraging the sleek and modern design by Armac Martin.

Overall, the space conveys an understated elegance through Paterson’s delightful use of colour, texture, and material. Learn more about Armac Martin’s luxury brass mirrors and solid brass hardware and their place in your home by perusing more of our blogs. Sign up for our mailing list to get the latest from Gregory Croxford Living.