Design Digest: A New Way To Do Neutrals By Cella Jane

White and gold accent home design

In building her dream home, blogger Becky Hillyard, popularly known as Cella Jane, knew that the expertise of an interior designer — one she could trust and who could keep an eye on all the details — was crucial if she wanted her vision for their residence realised. Thus began her collaboration with Laura McCroskey of McCroskey Interiors.

Known for their elegant design solutions and clean, contemporary style, the Missouri-based interior design firm worked with the content creator to achieve her desired aesthetic, focusing on one of the main rooms of the house: the kitchen. Complementing Hillyard’s strong sense of style, McCroskey infused a modern and timeless look into the project, showcasing her process of creating kitchens that are ‘show-stopping in beauty and uncompromising in function.’

The result is a breathtaking space with a French Modern design, executed in soft neutrals. Furnished with marble surfaces, bleached woods, and accentuated by top-of-the-line Armac Martin hardware, the room evokes sophistication beautifully balanced with statement pieces.

The Kitchen

Stunning living room white and gold accent design

With an open concept wherein the kitchen flows into the living room and dining room, Hillyard was keen on having beautiful exposed cabinetry with metal grilles as a unique design element. Armac Martin’s Regency Diamond Grille in an unlacquered brass finish serves as a stunning decorative piece while also putting her precious glass and dinnerware pieces on display.

The neutral colour palette is elegant and chic, punctuated by exquisite deeply veined marble on the backsplash and countertops. All appliances are panel ready, tastefully matching the cabinetry for a clean, seamless look.

Modern sliding marble panels white and gold accents design

Sliding marble panels, which allow the storage of spices, oils, and stovetop needs to be close at hand, are cleverly stowed behind the range for a clutter-free design. This allows the polished look to shine through without sacrificing functionality.

Warm and natural tones of kitchen brass and gold accents kitchen design

Complementing the natural tones of the kitchen are brass and gold accents. The beautiful artistry of Armac Martin’s contemporary brass hardware is showcased in the pull handles and knobs of the kitchen’s bespoke cabinetry, providing warmth and adding a touch of luxe into the space. 

Seen in Hillyard’s kitchen are the MIX Diamond Appliance Pull Handle with Backplate, Edgbaston Pull Handle, Sparkbrook Pull Handle, and MIX Diamond Knurled Cabinet Knob with Backplate, all in a satin brass unlacquered finish.

The Pantry

Best pantry burnished brass finish on the hardware

In decorating the pantry, Hillyard opted for a uniform burnished brass finish on the hardware. Despite mixing hardware styles and textures, she was able to continue the seamless look of the kitchen, infusing it with the same modern and timeless feel. Black and white tiles make a statement while the warm palette of the cupboards reins in the overall look in keeping with the neutral theme.

Spanning the length of the kitchen just behind the cooking zone, and with easy access to the kitchen and the back patio, the layout of the pantry creates ease of motion during food prep, cooking, and indoor and outdoor presentation. Hillyard shares, “The desire to have a well-organised station perfect for our needs was something I really wanted to incorporate.” With the help of McCroskey, she was able to achieve it using meticulously designed shelving and cabinetry, which also makes organisation effortless.

With the use of a muted palette paired with gorgeous accents, Hillyard shows that you don’t need extravagant pieces to elevate the look of your space. Instead, that extra level of luxe is realised thanks to clever design elements that offer understated elegance.
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