Design Digest: 5 Ways to Prepare Your Home For Holiday Hosting This Season

With the holidays fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to prepare your home for the festivities. And while the most popular spot for decorating is the living room, the whole house deserves to be filled with cheer.

Christmas offers an opportunity to fill your space with ornaments that are equally festive, cosy and fetching. Whether you’re hosting family gatherings or entertaining friends in the evening, there are plenty of ways to add holiday sparkle and charm to your home. Here are some tips and gorgeous interiors to keep you inspired. 

The Kitchen

While often overlooked, the kitchen is the engine room of the festivities and should be dressed to impress. After all, it’s the gathering place for families and where memories are often made, whether for a holiday breakfast or sharing simple moments over dinner prep.

Tasteful foliage

For easy and functional styling, add garlands to dress up open shelves. Paired with minimalist white and luxury brass shelf brackets from Armac Martin, you can mirror the glamorous season with little effort – just rearrange a few ornaments, add fresh foliage and you’re done! 

Use chopping boards or bowls to create a focal point and decorative flair. Add a tasteful sprig, from spruce to pinecones, for that rustic aesthetic. Complete with a string of fairy lights to create a cosy ambience!

Understated wreath

To avoid overwhelming your space with decor, a subtle but attractive wreath makes for a great statement piece. It adds a festive punch to this kitchen by Donnie Wales Interiors while still maintaining a refined look. Traditional accents like bells and candle holders complement the burnished brass hardware from Armac Martin.

Cosy seating

Apart from your decorations, creating a comfortable and laidback ambience in your home is a must if you’re planning to entertain guests. Elevate cabinetry with hardware from Armac Martin’s Cotswold collection and create cosy seating arrangements like this built in bench by Inuti Design. Keep counters clear by placing glassware and serving platters on a table or island.

The Living Room

As the most popular spot for holiday decorating, the living room holds endless possibilities — from upgrading your walls and bringing out seasonal accessories to displaying shiny baubles and twinkling lights. No matter your plans, creating an inviting setting is ideal for relaxed entertaining.

Festive houseplants

Houseplants instantly make any living room bright and merry. They’re particularly welcome during the holidays, especially if you want to be strategic with your decor.

Get creative with the greenery available to you. You can do a big vase of branches like holly, lichen or pine, much like this living room centrepiece by Nicole Hogarty Designs. It’s an excellent way to draw attention to a luxe home bar, where you can host a seasonal soiree or enjoy after dinner drinks. Add warmth with burnished brass hardware like the Diamond Interwoven Grille and Bakes Pull Handle from Armac Martin.

Green and gold

For a cheery but nuanced palette, a touch of evergreen with gold accents brings a simple yet traditional look for the holiday season. Hang garlands vertically from your bookcases and adorn tabletops with gleaming decor, as seen in this living room by Rachael Somerville. If you already have golden hardware in your cabinetry, like these Armac Martin Cotswold Drawer Pulls and Ball Knobs, then you can seamlessly transition your decor as the seasons change.

As you prepare your home for a season of celebration and merriment, you can make any room look festive without sacrificing aesthetics by opting for small details and decorative designs. And with expertly crafted brass hardware, these ornaments and accessories are sure to complement each other.

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