Design Digest: 5 Reasons to Choose Navy for Your Next Kitchen Design

A sleek and luxurious alternative to darker greys or blacks, navy is a deeper shade of blue that works well in high traffic spaces like the kitchen. Not only is it a chic colour, but it is also a laidback way to introduce colour to neutral or all white kitchens to give it a familiar but fresh feel. 

If you’re thinking of incorporating navy in your home, here are some kitchen inspirations to help you do it in style.

Complement with brass accents

Navy is a true classic. When choosing this shade for your kitchen, consider pairing it with decorative brass pulls and handles for that modern but timeless look, just like these interiors by Dagan Design and Studio McGee, which uses hardware from Armac Martin’s Queslett and Withenshaw collections in a polished brass unlacquered finish.

Opt for floor to ceiling navy

In this sophisticated layout by Michael Farrel, navy cabinets that are the full height of the wall complement the marble countertop and warm oak wood. The light hues keep the navy from overwhelming the space, giving the rich colour room to breathe and making the kitchen luxurious and inviting. For chic details, opt for hardware that blends into cabinetry like Armac Martin’s Sparkbrook collection in the satin antique satin lacquered finish.

Mix it with wood

Navy creates an effortless base for various materials and elements, so you are not limited to a specific style when designing your space. In this kitchen by Richard Burke Design, mixing materials like the rich veneered walnut island, antique mirrored doors and ridged brass hardware from Armac Martin’s Leebank collection with a dark shade of navy blue gives a dramatic, traditional vibe with just the right amount of modern.

Go for blue and white

Looking for a softer alternative to black and white? Consider switching to navy instead. In this elegant two tone kitchen by Woodale Designs, the countryside aesthetic is elevated with the deep hue, distributed across the room in the cabinetry, island, and mirrors. Pristine white on the walls and countertops balances out the space, keeping it fresh and airy while shiny gold toned accents on the hardware from Armac Martin’s Sparkbrook collection and the lighting pull it all together.

Add a touch of grey

Two tone kitchens are luxurious and elegant and not limited to pairing just two colours. When it comes to using navy, choosing different materials for your kitchen provides a desired high contrast aesthetic. 

In this design by Studio Four Interiors, a quartzite counter paired with a grey backsplash, a silver island and a stainless steel fridge provide a sleek contrast to the navy cabinets painted in Benjamin Moore Polo Blue. Golden accents like the track light, bar stools, plumbing fixtures and handles and knobs from Armac Martin’s Leebank collection add warmth and opulence to the palette while keeping the whole look grounded with a cosmopolitan city feel.

Whether you want a warm and inviting space or a dramatic and sophisticated look, navy can pair beautifully with just about anything, from neutrals to a variety of materials and finishes like wood, marble, brass and metal. Putting the colour in a busy space like the kitchen offers a little more practicality than lighter hues, as the darker shade is less likely to highlight marks and scuffs. Overall, it’s a solid choice for dressing up your interiors.

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