Armac Martin Presented With Queen’s Enterprise Award for International Trade

World’s finest manufacturers of brass cabinet

As we celebrate the Queen’s Birthday this month, a round of congratulations is in order for one of Gregory Croxford Living’s esteemed brand partners. Armac Martin, one of the world’s finest manufacturers of brass cabinet hardware, was recently honoured with the prestigious Queen’s Enterprise Award for International Trade.

Armac Martin is one of 225 organisations recognised with the Queen’s Award for Enterprise this year, and one of 141 awardees in the International Trade Category. Through this honourable recognition, Armac Martin is afforded the opportunity to fly the Queen’s flag at their Birmingham premises and attend a reception at the Buckingham Palace hosted by H.R.H. the Prince of Wales.

Regarded as the most renowned British business award, the Queen’s Award for Enterprise recognises Armac Martin for their outstanding success in international trade, which they were able to develop over the past few years. Amid the challenges posed by the pandemic, the British brand was able to achieve a feat—shipping over 50% of all its orders overseas and contributing to international trade and the global economy.

World’s finest manufacturers of brass cabinet

To mark this significant milestone, Commercial Director Richard McGrail shares, “As the most renowned British business award, this is an incredible accolade for the whole team and we feel both humbled and proud to be nationally recognised for our growth and commercial success.”

He adds, “Our heritage is immensely important and we are thrilled to add this accolade to our rich history of achievements. It can feel overwhelming to review the global success of the company but our values remain the same and it is inspiring to see  our quality product reach all corners of the world.”

McGrail also attributes the brand’s triumph to their formidable team. “There are so many things that come together to achieve success like this. We have a great team over 100 strong. We invest in our people, our processes, our machinery, with a focus on always improving.”

Since it was established in 1929 in Birmingham, England, Armac Martin has been championing local business and British manufacturing. Nearly 95 years later, their hand-finished luxury products are found in all parts of the world and inside high end hotels and residences like the Buckingham Palace. It is a testament to their exceptional craftsmanship and commitment to design.

World’s finest kitchens and interiors

Their exquisite brass fixtures and fittings continue to be regarded by Australian architects and designers to be of superior quality and favoured to be included in the world’s finest kitchens and interiors. Adding their cabinet hardware adds a distinct and elegant finishing touch to your home, making it stand out from the rest.
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